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Agilo Administration Guide

Welcome Agilo administrators, first of all it is important to make clear that to access the administrative functions under the menu Admin /chrome/agilo/images/icon.admin.png it is necessary to have the TRAC_ADMIN right set for your user. To do so you will have either to ask an existing administrator to grant you the permission or you will have to grant it yourself from the console, using the command line administration tool of Trac.

The administration guide aims to help the "Administrator" of Agilo in correctly configure and maintain Agilo. Generally speaking, the administrative effort is really limited. Once the configuration is set, Agilo should run fine, the only administrative activities left are the creation of new user accounts and teams, or the assignment of specific permissions to particular users.

Project Environment

Every project in Agilo (and Trac) needs to be setup from the console, using the command line administration tool. Once the project is created, will be accessible at a specific URL (e.g.: http://agilo/my_project/, see Trac installation guide section Running a Standalone Server or Running in a Web Server) and needs to be setup and prepared before a team can use it. If you followed the instruction on how to create a new Project, and you connect for the first time, you will notice that Agilo already configured the project with some default parameters and created the two main Backlogs, the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog.

Agilo is highly customizable, so that it will better fit to your specific needs, if you want to know more about what you can customize, please refer to the following specific guides:

Multiple Products (Projects) are not supported natively, but there are several ways of accomplishing this feature as stated in the FAQ

Permission Settings

Following some information on Permission settings, and configuration.

Agilo Configuration File

Most of Agilo's configuration can be managed from within the Administration panel. The configuration is then stored in the configuration file trac.ini that is located in the <projectenv>/conf directory. However, some advanced configuration options cannot be set using the Administration panel, but only by editing the configuration file directly.

Warning: Care should be taken when editing this file manually. Always create a backup of your configuration before editing the file. Removing existing default settings may render your Agilo installation unusable.

Please refer to the TracIni page for a detailed documentation of available options.

Note: Visit the Agilo for trac user group to learn more about specific topics.

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