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help > admin > linkadmin

Links Administration Panel

Locate in Admin/Agilo/Links

In Agilo it is possible to model your own ticket types as well as to define how these tickets can be linked together, giving you the possibility to model your own hierarchy. Be aware not to create linking loops that may affect the way Agilo structure specific views, like the backlogs.

First of all you can define which type of tickets can be linked together, keeping in mind that links in Agilo are oriented, there is always a source type and a destination type. You can add a new link pair, by choosing Source and Target types in the Add link form, and pressing the Add button. You can also modify an existing link pair by clicking on it.

When you are in Modify ... link panel, you are allowed to choose the extra properties for that link type, which are:

  • Cascading Delete: you can specify whether or not a cascading delete will be performed. If checked, when a source ticket is deleted, then any referenced destination tickets will also be deleted.
  • Copy Fields: you can choose which fields should be copied from the source type to the destination type when creating a referenced ticket from the ticket edit pane.
  • Show Fields: you can choose which fields should be shown in the ticket link view pane, on the linked tickets. These properties will appear in parentheses inline with the ticket id and summary, when looking at the list of linked ticket in a ticket view pane (e.g.: the Owner field appear inline with the Tasks when looking at a User Story, that has at least a linked Task)
Note: Visit the Agilo for trac user group to learn more about specific topics.

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