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User Story

A User Story (in Agilo identified by the story) represent a possible functional solution to a Requirement. A User Story models the Solution Domain for a Requirement describing the HOW a specific type of User of a system or subsystem could eventually solve the problem or fulfill the specific described need.

A User Story is a simple sentence in the form:

As a type_of_user I would like to have (or I want) some_capability so that business_value

The idea to keep stories simple is to make sure they are self contained, small and easy enough to design, code, document, test and integrate into one single iteration. In order to define which stories are more important or needed than others, in Agilo there are story_priority defined, so that each story can be:

  • Mandatory: by definition will be needed in order to fulfill the associated Requirement (be very strict when defining this type of story)
  • Linear: increase linearly the value of the product, are like optional, the more you have the better it is
  • Exciter: very dangerous one, may increase exponentially the acceptance of the product from the customer, they are normally entailing features of the product that the User will not know to need until she will see it!

A User Story should also contain Acceptance Criteria as a part of its description so the team know what things they should test more extensively.

To get more information about the user interface for User Stories in Agilo, see Agilo Ticket.

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