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Milestone 3.0-Beta1

Completed 17 years ago (01/26/07 12:54:55)


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The first publicly announced OMERO/Shoola Package

Major new functionality:

  • Installers
  • Feedback system
  • Completion of bug fixing for rendering, server, and client

This beta will be announced by email to those who have expressed an interest in OMERO/Shoola (note some renaming is likely).

Developers List for Beta1 Release:

  • too many open files (file handle garbage collection) fix (finally)
  • importer must be moved into the build system (Brian)
  • expert analysis of the Shoola and Importer UI (David)
  • some minor functionality changes will be added to the thumbnail browser (Brian/Jean?-Marie/Donald?)
    • tabbing order needs fixing in shoola (fix tabbing in the browser's tree view)
    • some minor look and feel tweaks
  • big endian and off by one errors (Brian)
  • server installer (Chris/Brian/Donald/Jean?-Marie)
  • (Jean-Marie: please fix debug box size on the shoola client)
  • feedback mechanism (Brian/Donald?)
  • too many open files (Chris)
  • User Admin system (Brian/Donald/Chris?)
  • Need to add jar hash signatures and version error trapping (Josh/Jean?-Marie/Brian/Donald?)
  • remove archiving button from importer till beta 2 (Brian)
  • adding acquisition date to the file, original file path, etc. (Josh/Jean?-Marie)
  • displaying the remaining free disk space (Jean-Marie)
  • add functionality to server so you can move the ome repository to a different location (Chris/Josh?)
  • sanity check the server from the admin tool (Donald)
  • handle the first time loading postgres error in shoola (seems OK with importer) (Josh/Jean?-Marie)
  • (Brian/Josh?: change the OriginalFile?.size from Int to Long)
  • Beta1 installation testing
    • Laptop single install
    • Vanilla Linux install
    • Vanilla Mac OS X install
  • Confirm that there are no outstanding blocking tickets for dependencies (Josh)
  • Test server/client build with Derby/HSQLdB and VM bundle for turnkey solution (Chris)
    • If we offer this, how do we handle database migration
  • Registry system to track omero starts/stops/installs/etc (Brian)

Non-Developer list:

  • release strategy statement. Who its being released too, etc. (Jason)
  • redo the openmicroscopy.org website to make it more of a portal (Jason/Brian? spearheading*meeting next week)
  • community page / forums for feedback
  • Customer support: Buy server. PHPBB, etc.*icons, branding, etc. Naming, release numbering, etc.
  • Tracking downloads and feedback
  • documentation (David/Brian?)
  • Tiki updates (Josh) and synchronization with Shoola "build" doc system (Jean-Marie)
  • Javadoc (Chris/Josh?)

Usable Image List:

Beta1 Tickets:

  • Expert Walkthrough / Heuristics (David)
  • Help System (PF/DS/BL)
  • Paper Prototyping Workshop (DS/PF)
  • Logo design (Andrew Cook)

UI Jobs:

  • Video output and upload (General populate UI website) (Catriona)
  • Use Case writing (and gather and reformat OMERO UCs: NB consider where to store this stuff) (David)
  • Scenario writing & workflow mapping (Catriona)
  • Persona writing (Paula)

Post Beta1:

  • Feedback Analysis and reporting (Paula)
  • Visualization research (David)
  • Collaborative working / Ontologies research (Catriona)
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