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bug (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#13125 Default group selection in webui blocker 0 ???
#13286 ScanR Reader - Identifying Associated Tiff files major 0 ???
#13309 CellSensReader regression major 0 ???
#13314 Native ND2 Reader - Incorrect channel count and pixel size being used dgault major 0 ???
#13317 Zeiss CZI - Unable to open files - IndexOutOfBoundsException dgault major 0 ???
#13324 bfconvert: Errors using -range option with CZI files dgault major 0 ???
#13327 CellH5Writer - Multi series images being overwritten dgault major 0 ???
#13319 Imaris IMS file problems dgault minor 0 ???

requirement (48 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#1500 Re-import support General jamoore critical 1 1tix @ 0d
#2125 Build revamp Deployment critical 13 2tix @ 0d
#2128 FS Data de-duplication OmeroFs critical 29 33tix @ 15.25d
#2131 Performance improvements critical 10 1tix @ 0d
#2582 Gateway, OMEROGateway, script_utlils unification API critical 15 23tix @ 0.5d
#3523 NDIM initial requirement work General critical 5 7tix @ 0d
#3535 OME-XML/TIFF export General critical 23 19tix @ 9.5d
#5927 Big images, phase 2 General critical 6 5tix @ 9.5d
#6380 New developer documentation Documentation jamoore critical 9 5tix @ 0.1d
#7902 MQ support in backend Services jamoore critical 1
#9942 Server Analysis API API spli critical 8
#814 Improve install/deploy experience Deployment major 21 8tix @ 2.5d
#1360 Add "hidden" flag to remove objects from the user interface (in default cast) API jamoore major 0
#2094 Stable Search General major 10 20tix @ 2.25d
#2617 Session handling corrections major 6 4tix @ 0d
#4041 Data Import General major 6 2tix @ 1d
#4270 HCS Support improvement General major 3 8tix @ 1.1d
#4974 Phase 2 multi-database support major 6 2tix @ 0.5d
#5897 Visualization Insight jburel major 3 10tix @ 0d
#5934 Connection to multiple server versions API major 0
#6201 Web Measurement Tool Web wmoore major 1
#6294 OME File Validation Specification major 5 3tix @ 0.5d
#6299 OME Data Model Development Specification jburel major 13 30tix @ 0d
#7051 Code Review General major 4 7tix @ 1.5d
#7836 Model-Database alignment Specification major 15 16tix @ 0d
#7911 Cache support in backened Services jamoore major 0
#8064 OMERO Statistics General jamoore major 3
#9303 Public data and groups. Phase 2 General major 4 9tix @ 2d
#10608 ImageJ/OMERO interoperability General crueden-x major 4 8tix @ 0d
#800 OMERO properties rework for simplification and central administration Configuration jamoore minor 3 3tix @ 0d
#1856 ScriptingImprovements General jamoore minor 16 48tix @ 22.25d
#1936 Secure Login and Ldap improvements General jamoore minor 6 21tix @ 13d
#2111 HCS Improvements General minor 8 17tix @ 2.5d
#2117 Importer improvements General jburel minor 9 2tix @ 0d
#2624 High-availability of OMERO components minor 0
#2818 Insight Usability Improvements General minor 27 21tix @ 5d
#2911 New Delete system, Phase II minor 11 22tix @ 10.75d
#3289 OME model support in C# General minor 3
#6195 Web Client Usability Improvements Usability minor 18 5tix @ 0d
#10267 Units Support General minor 2
#10940 OMERO.graph service Services minor 0
#13218 Add text/prompt to QA page asking user to please leave e-mail address QA wmoore minor 0
#1963 Concurrency improvements jamoore 5 2tix @ 1d
#2114 Notification system 6 8tix @ 4.25d
#2123 DB improvements 5
#2126 Annotation improvements 5 5tix @ 0d
#2129 Security Improvements 7 1tix @ 0d
#2130 Shares improvement 4

story (55 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#9165 5.2 DB ORM jamoore blocker 9 6tix @ 0d
#9821 Path/names of files should be sensible to users OmeroFs jamoore blocker 6 1tix @ 0d
#1650 (Re)add RoiRoiLink or similar mechanism (also ImageImageLink) Model jamoore critical 5 4tix @ 0d
#1685 Decide on mutability and background updating of ROIs ROIs jamoore critical 0
#3166 Make OMERO.web and libraries threadsafe Web critical 1
#8361 Advanced FS and Cancel Bin-Services cblackburn critical 3 3tix @ 0d
#8562 Separate annotate and edit WRITE permissions Security jamoore critical 6 2tix @ 0d
#9286 Annotate/Edit WRITE permissions follow up Services critical 3 2tix @ 0d
#9944 Alternative Storage API General spli critical 14 8tix @ 0.2d
#11128 AWT thread review Insight jburel critical 4 4tix @ 0d
#11981 Renaming of packages Bio-Formats critical 1 1tix @ 0d
#1306 Support intelligent querying over ROIs General jamoore major 0
#1307 Provide ROI service for working with server-side ROIs General jamoore major 0
#1649 Exception review API jamoore major 0
#1835 OmeroCpp Improvements OmeroCpp jamoore major 8 5tix @ 0d
#2913 Generalize server-side import extensions points Import major 0
#3159 Limit number of users Performance major 1 1tix @ 0d
#3187 RenderingEngine Evolution General major 14 8tix @ 0d
#4413 Return all values for a Lucene field Search major 0
#4704 Framework for testing JPEG 2000 Advances General major 9 3tix @ 1.8d
#4789 Annotation Manipulation Insight jburel major 4 3tix @ 0d
#5024 Import insight phase II Insight jburel major 10 6tix @ 0d
#6200 Scripting Service in web Web wmoore major 27 3tix @ 0.25d
#7746 Migrate ~/omero to another location Deployment major 2 1tix @ 0d
#9092 Python BlitzGateway API 2 OmeroPy major 11 8tix @ 0d
#9287 Web: groups & user (phase 2) Web web-team@… major 5 3tix @ 1.5d
#9651 HDF Bio-Formats major 5 3tix @ 0d
#9708 Bug: Tags support General major 6 2tix @ 0d
#9977 Import redesign Insight jburel major 2 1tix @ 0d
#10232 Dataset:Image ONE-to-many General major 0
#10643 Session clean up Services major 2 2tix @ 0d
#11012 FS testing General major 5 1tix @ 0d
#11175 Image Import Insight jburel major 7 4tix @ 0d
#11258 OMERO.server test review Services major 34 7tix @ 0d
#11404 Robot testing Framework General major 7 2tix @ 0d
#11456 Comprehensive permissions testing General jburel major 2 1tix @ 0d
#11622 Hudson greener (phase 2) General major 17 5tix @ 0.5d
#11653 Restricting access to the omero Services major 0
#11886 Open With General major 4 3tix @ 0d
#11936 Improve search indexing robustness, performance, and reliability General jballanco-x major 11 2tix @ 0d
#12090 Setting Rendering settings General major 7 2tix @ 0d
#12181 Bio-Formats API improvements Bio-Formats major 5 4tix @ 0d
#12487 Support for tiled image storage and rendering General major 2 2tix @ 0d
#86 Create ITypes interface for meta-work with model. API jamoore minor 0
#113 Define and use meta-attributes on types in DSL. DSL jamoore minor 0
#249 System-Types as audit trail Security jamoore minor 0
#1414 Allow post-acquisition channels General jamoore minor 0
#1509 Interface metadata grouping General jamoore minor 0
#2121 `bin/omero admin diagnostics` Deployment minor 10 6tix @ 0d
#3326 Measurement Tool: Future changes to the measurement tool. Insight minor 17 11tix @ 0d
#3401 Images and Image management in java leaks memory Insight minor 1 1tix @ 0d
#7295 RFE: Ability for changing order of channel setting General minor 0
#10078 Trigger scripts/processes automatically on defined events General spli minor 0
#10084 Tables API cleanups API spli minor 6 2tix @ 0.2d
#11764 Codec support Bio-Formats minor 11 4tix @ 0d

task (836 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#10181 Bug: configuration_pkey failure in pixeldata Services jamoore blocker ?
#12567 BUG: plate not rendering fully in Windows 8 IE10 Web web-team@… blocker ?
#12642 BUG: Export as OME-TIFF broken Export jburel blocker ?
#118 Hibernate session.merge() is updating non-changed entities. API jamoore critical
#974 Strange "narrowing proxy" warning in log General jamoore critical
#1398 Server permits empty-named users Security jamoore critical
#1585 Import hung on findAll(enums) General jamoore critical
#2142 Remove all compile warnings from SPR 3.0 and HIB 3.5 Deployment jamoore critical 0.5d
#2333 Some system types should have creation/update events ORM critical ?
#2570 Upgrade Hibernate Services jballanco-x critical 0.5d
#2590 Objects created by trigger need real event and session ORM critical ?
#4529 RFE: add read-or-delete-only server flag General critical ?
#4978 RFE: throttle clients who are creating too many stateful services Services jamoore critical ?
#5140 Review non-Enum uses of IQuery.findAll Performance critical ?
#5608 LIM: Importer: False Image/Screen mix Import jburel critical ?
#5768 RFE: subclasses not loaded in Hibernate ORM jamoore critical ?
#5933 LIM: Data access by not-in-group user Security jamoore critical ?
#6314 Webgateway cache - default location Configuration wmoore critical ?
#8756 RFE: Please allow viewing of pixel intensities in web viewer Web web-team@… critical ?
#9137 RFE: Make some services "all-groups" by default. API jamoore critical ?
#9458 Raw pixels bean usage in imageMarshal() Performance cxallan critical 0.5d
#9678 Repository API mapping for OMERO.web webgateway Web cxallan critical ?
#9789 Insight does not correctly view indexed image data Insight jburel critical ?
#10098 Add CSV download to QA2 QA wmoore critical ?
#10187 4.4.x fixes suggested by Bernhard. Services jamoore critical ?
#10304 Bug: Original metadata is unquoted and not safe to parse OmeroPy critical ?
#10325 Introduce ImportSet to API OmeroFs jamoore critical 1.5d
#10359 Bug: getManagedRepo in repository.py is too slow API jamoore critical ?
#10421 Update OMERO.tables backwards_compatibility test API spli critical ?
#10590 RFE: Add id-based Principal API critical ?
#10664 Bug: non-deterministic behavior in RTypes OmeroCpp rleigh critical ?
#10813 Closeable import processes Services critical ?
#10885 UTF-8 text columns require extra index ORM critical ?
#11003 Thumbnail not visible Web atarkowska critical ?
#11035 Bug: CLI chgrp fails when server is under load Client critical ?
#11147 RFE: Error handling in scripts Scripting critical ?
#11205 RFE: Add script to post-archive an original file OmeroFs jamoore critical ?
#11511 On develop, blitz unit tests hang Services critical ?
#11532 Projected image: pixelsService.copyAndResizeImage() workaround Services mtbcarroll critical ?
#11564 RFE: detect full tmp and cleanup Deployment critical ?
#11589 Remove 1.0 encoding setting General critical ?
#11621 Bug: Lack of clear codepath for image import Services critical ?
#11725 Add "importer" role for service units Import critical ?
#11735 Add salt password tests General critical ?
#11849 Bug: server hangs on image error Services critical ?
#11857 BUG: Cannot break import of plate Client jamoore critical ?
#12048 BUG : Import being connection dependent Import critical ?
#12176 RFE: 4.4-5.0 migration of archived original data Deployment jamoore critical ?
#12313 Bug: OME-TIFF export with XML annotation Export jburel critical ?
#12350 RFE: Cannot find search results Insight dlindner critical ?
#12376 RFE: Lucene to index Original Metadata Search jamoore critical ?
#12459 Bug: createImageFromNumpySeq must use tiling OmeroPy wmoore critical ?
#12781 Bug: CLI import to a dataset in a different group to current fails. Import cblackburn critical ?
#12887 uncategorized SQLException for SQL [select ome_nextval(?,?)]; Security atarkowska critical ?
#12906 RFE: Export of metadata within file names Services critical ?
#12966 RFE: warn when unlinking at chown and Move - Insight Insight jburel critical ?
#12990 Cannot delete Share Comment General critical ?
#13033 Service is not being closed OverUsageException Insight jamoore critical ?
#13048 Update permissions async WebAdmin wmoore critical ?
#13075 Bug: importing many files with auto close leaks memory Import jamoore critical ?
#13114 RFE: Add Refresh Thumbnails/Metadata button Insight jburel critical ?
#13156 BUG: export as ome.tiff Services critical ?
#13162 BUG: export as ome.tiff - masks Services critical ?
#13192 BUG: multi-z images tile loading Services pwalczysko critical ?
#13193 ResourceError: Error instantiating pixel buffer General critical ?
#77 Unspecified behavior if two QueryParameters with same name are entered. Queries jamoore major
#307 Hibernate improperly handles Permissions components that are null ORM jamoore major
#410 Thumbnail Service Triggering Dirty Session Exception (Document fix) Documentation jamoore major
#591 Impossible to correlate service log output Services jamoore major
#982 Develop our own ActiveServant container with eviction Services jamoore major
#1057 SELECT N+1 issue with annotations and counts Performance jamoore major ?
#1077 Make ImplicitContext and client.getProperties() distinction clearer. Client jamoore major
#1115 Refactor all shared state of `ServiceFactoryI` into `ServantHolder` or similar. General jamoore major ?
#1177 Annotation and Annotator Services jamoore major
#1195 Hibernate throws NPE and OMERO throws InternalException ORM jamoore major
#1206 getCollectionCount does not support PojoOptions Services jburel major
#1217 Projected Image sha1 Services major ?
#1219 Decide on proper Filter.limit handling in ITimeline General jamoore major
#1223 loadContainerHierarchy StackOverflowError Services jamoore major
#1224 ITimeline - event service could use DISTINCT General jamoore major
#1225 ITimeLine and most recent tags General jamoore major
#1256 Java servers may overwrite changed preferences on shutdown General jamoore major
#1290 Add overview of server configuration locations General jamoore major
#1298 Allow changing from root to omero user on init.d script Deployment jamoore major
#1302 bin/omero node stop is broken Deployment jamoore major
#1389 Add identity to log on stateful services General jamoore major ?
#1498 Logging review General jamoore major
#1698 Remaining locking issues ORM jamoore major ?
#1841 Geometry background process never ends jamoore major
#2266 RFE: Plate view could support zooming Web wmoore major ?
#2491 Post-#2214, setConfigValue is no longer persistent/shared. Configuration jamoore major ?
#2585 Add ConstraintViolation exception API major ?
#2897 ISession could destroy sessions Services jamoore major 0.5d
#3846 Create test to check python imports OmeroPy major ?
#3857 get makemovie to work with webgateway Web cneves major 1d
#3863 Next, Previous buttons on feedback page QA atarkowska major ?
#3932 Detect mounted home directories for OMERO_TEMPDIR usage Deployment major ?
#4089 FB 863: Allow sending feedback from loci tools Bio-Formats major
#4097 Add support for Patch-Master electrophysiology files Bio-Formats major
#4098 Add support for datasets produced by Vevo 770 Bio-Formats mlinkert major
#4107 More robust support for 1, 2 and 4 bit images Bio-Formats major
#4111 Add support for Leica OME data Bio-Formats rleigh major 2d
#4113 Add support for .nex file format Bio-Formats major
#4120 Add support for Intervision MV format Bio-Formats major
#4124 Add support for Matlab matrix files Bio-Formats major
#4125 Add support for OpenEXR files Bio-Formats major
#4126 Allow user to specify dimensions during stack concatenation Bio-Formats major ?
#4128 AVI writer does not support saving tiles Bio-Formats major
#4129 APNG writer does not support saving tiles Bio-Formats major ?
#4131 JPEG-2000 writer does not support saving tiles Bio-Formats major
#4132 JPEG writer does not support saving tiles Bio-Formats major
#4133 OME-XML writer does not support saving tiles Bio-Formats major
#4147 Add support for Varian FID files Bio-Formats major
#4154 Add support for OME-TIFF files produced by Leica Matrix scanner Bio-Formats rleigh major 1d
#4155 Expand (and clean up) use of new 'setWriteSequentially' method Bio-Formats major ?
#4157 Make it easier to get/set the pixels' compression type Bio-Formats major ?
#4163 Make error message windows more friendly Bio-Formats major
#4167 Writers do not support overwriting metadata Bio-Formats major
#4169 Add support for Micro-CT VOL files Bio-Formats major 1.5d
#4171 Overwriting compressed planes doesn't always work Bio-Formats major
#4177 Certain JPEG-2000 files are not read correctly Bio-Formats major ?
#4179 Add support for Leica Stereo Microscope data Bio-Formats major
#4185 Add support for Zeiss FCS files Bio-Formats major
#4190 Add reader wrapper that provides simpler tile access Bio-Formats major ?
#4622 Button to play through the frames - Feedback 3239 Web major ?
#4853 Restrict the size of byte-arrays that can be requested by users API cxallan major ?
#5076 DOC: Describe gotchas when using Hibernate server-side Documentation jamoore major ?
#5518 BUG: Insight Inconsistant channel previews General jburel major ?
#5690 LIM: session state is not immediately updated Security jburel major ?
#5802 Add further ConcurrencyException handling API jburel major ?
#5891 insight dataset hangs on "Loading..." when web deletes DS General major ?
#6106 @login_required multi-server support Web wmoore major ?
#6251 Stitch Images into Big Image Scripting wmoore major 2d
#6338 omero.gateway still uses IAdmin methods OmeroPy wmoore major ?
#6721 Investigate improving performance of TIFF export with setWriteSequential(false) Bio-Formats major ?
#6747 RFE: Tracking changes Insight jburel major 0.25d
#6824 Add support for .emi files Bio-Formats major ?
#6980 Bug: Check for existance of icegridnode etc on startup Deployment major 0.25d
#7041 RFE: stopping web with 'bin/omero admin stop' Deployment jamoore major ?
#7250 BUG:Paint problem in activity window Insight jburel major ?
#7709 Re-evaluate strategy for assigning channel colors General major ?
#7823 getPlaneRegion calls getPlane Performance major ?
#7906 Move spring configuration to etc/spring Deployment jamoore major ?
#7909 Disk space Admin General jburel major ?
#8169 Caching javascripts in $.getScript() Web cneves major ?
#8172 QA repository cleanup QA atarkowska major ?
#8336 Add support for Zeiss Orion data Bio-Formats major ?
#8389 Agents and static ref Insight jburel major 1.5d
#8392 Insight Make_Movie UI Insight jburel major ?
#8428 Add support for DV-DIF files Bio-Formats major 1d
#8462 RFE: Clients to handle Ice marshal exception API jburel major ?
#8555 Bug: detect ImportError for script and provide different message Scripting jamoore major ?
#8721 BUG:Catch guest log in with specific message Web jamoore major 0.2d
#8768 Bug: Image viewer makes poor use of whitespace Web wmoore major ?
#8792 Add support for .ser files Bio-Formats major ?
#8917 Bug: sliding images Insight jburel major ?
#9061 Units and selection Client major ?
#9069 RFE: Make Movie uses AVI extension for all output formats Scripting major ?
#9222 Bug: Insight viewer pyramid mis-alignment Insight jburel major ?
#9244 Bug: Insight UI freezes if viewing a dataset which is currently being used for import Insight jburel major ?
#9301 replace changePermissions with Chmod API major ?
#9459 Smarter caching of OMERO.webpublic connector Performance cxallan major 0.5d
#9544 Bug: very large .jp2 files do not import correctly Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#9591 Integration tests, moving image with acquisition data General jburel major ?
#9592 BUG: SharedResources.openTable with group -1 fails General spli major ?
#9617 RFE: table view of plate Web web-team@… major ?
#9622 Add documentation about the OME-TIFF export functionality Insight jburel major ?
#9669 Remove reference to task bar Insight jburel major ?
#9671 Bug: import file sequences Insight jburel major ?
#9810 Bug: Indexed colour images not imported correctly General major ?
#9838 Django compressor (or similar) Web wmoore major ?
#9841 All jobs should use "admin restart" Deployment major ?
#9853 Bug: Share metadata loading Security jamoore major ?
#9880 RFE: Movie background/channel colours Insight jburel major ?
#9901 Refactor PyramidTiffReader out of MinimalTiffReader Bio-Formats major ?
#9969 BUG: Thumbnail inconsistency with selection across datasets Insight jburel major ?
#10003 Cli: usage statistics per plugin OmeroPy major ?
#10040 Many Channels to 1 Logical Channel Import major ?
#10057 RFE: Script in Web Web wmoore major ?
#10086 Drop support for old versions of PyTables OmeroPy spli major ?
#10108 BUG: PICT Import Issue Insight jburel major ?
#10163 RFE: channel edit and update Web wmoore major ?
#10256 Bug: deleting ManagedRepo directories can cause imports to fail Import major ?
#10327 Bug: Very easy to lose data permenantly when deleting multiply-linked objects Insight jburel major ?
#10352 Viewport 'view' & 'model' separation Web wmoore major ?
#10363 Bug: Race condition opening images before thumbnail load Insight jburel major ?
#10415 Bug: tablestest suite from OmeroPy fails with Python 2.6 OmeroPy jamoore major ?
#10501 RFE: async download methods in gateways API major ?
#10520 Bug: path._base == unicode on Python2.7 OmeroPy spli major ?
#10524 RFE: reset import location tab Insight jburel major ?
#10529 Bug: Bird eye location at init Web wmoore major ?
#10537 omero/client.java should check Ice version Deployment major ?
#10601 Bug: delete plate acquisition Insight jburel major ?
#10630 RFE: Postpone checksum calculation until after import Import jamoore major ?
#10648 Command-line processing via Scripts Example Scripting wmoore major ?
#10667 Bug: Tag display & editing Client major ?
#10690 RFE: better handling of omero.group=-1 in certain write situations Services major ?
#10694 Editing of annotations not asynch Insight jburel major ?
#10702 RFE: Rationalize logging configuration General major ?
#10765 Background task to re-check checksums OmeroFs jamoore major ?
#10797 Memoizer exception handling General jamoore major ?
#10810 Refactor ImportCandidates into Bio-Formats General major ?
#10830 Bug: Import CLI - permissions Import cblackburn major ?
#10841 BUG: Export as jpeg Services jamoore major ?
#10880 RFE: Verify that ImportContainer.getReader() is consulted on import Import jamoore major ?
#10903 Add support for Ariol data Bio-Formats major ?
#10941 Deleting image linked to multiple datasets does not throw exception General wmoore major ?
#10983 Client: ROI with multiple Shapes in different planes Client major ?
#10999 Better, prompter hints from bin/omero admin start Deployment major ?
#11016 RFE: Give MIF feedback on CLI OmeroPy major ?
#11041 BUG: short hang during plate browsing General major ?
#11052 Bug: CLI exc handling needs to consider network issues Client major ?
#11102 BUG: Undetected contrast setting in EM DVs Insight jburel major ?
#11121 Bool parent parameters do not enable/disable group options in web script UI. Web web-team@… major ?
#11126 Bug: overflow on max projection of EMD Services major ?
#11129 RFE: provide user direction after chgrp fail Web web-team@… major ?
#11150 RFE: prevent change of "root" name Security major ?
#11151 RFE: delete/chgrp orphaned images General jburel major ?
#11161 Bug: cli reports (wrongly) unreadable file on server shutdown General major ?
#11183 Manage 2 update urls? Deployment major ?
#11208 Review usage of local directory in editor, et al. General major ?
#11216 OMERO.py should be pip installable OmeroPy major ?
#11329 Introduce "@Incubate" annotation API major ?
#11362 Bug: No permissions on getObjects("Dataset") Web wmoore major ?
#11374 Bug: Passing group -1 throws API usage exception. Security jamoore major ?
#11379 Add support for PerkinElmer Living Image data Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#11416 Add Javadoc links to ManagedRepository developer page. Documentation cblackburn major ?
#11447 Rework generated nginx config Deployment major ?
#11454 Remove cache script params Services major ?
#11467 Warn user of lossy permissions operations Client jburel major ?
#11477 Add "label" to Params API major ?
#11490 Thread-safe memory-block helper General java@… major ?
#11568 Add support for FreeSurfer MGH files Bio-Formats major ?
#11692 RFE: new Download Method API API major ?
#11706 BUG: Thumb - full viewer mismatch General major ?
#11740 OMERO Server simply stops ApplicationServer major ?
#11745 BUG: Delete button on Wind Web web-team@… major ?
#11860 Bug: FormatTools support for complex numbers Bio-Formats major ?
#11861 Bug: DeltaVision reader does not support complex pixel formats Bio-Formats major ?
#11872 bug: big image panning button release failure in web Web wmoore major ?
#11894 Review 256-char-limit on OMERO model text properties Model mtbcarroll major ?
#11929 bug: Erraneous tiles displayed when using image link to big image viewer Web wmoore major ?
#11988 Kymograph horizontal line Scripting wmoore major ?
#12021 Bug: logback timeout for import logs too long (30 min) Services cblackburn major ?
#12025 RFE: list import candidates from GUI Insight jburel major ?
#12057 Add support for FEI .ser data Bio-Formats major ?
#12088 BUG: TIFF export not including scale bar Insight jburel major ?
#12121 Model use of Boolean values instead of enumerations Specification rleigh major ?
#12143 Bug: users can make other users' data seem to vanish Insight jburel major ?
#12186 Bug: bin/omero db script hang Client major ?
#12199 Bug: Script List param defaults Web major ?
#12231 BUG: OMEROweb_request.log errors on nightshade Web web-team@… major ?
#12245 Add support for Incucyte data Bio-Formats major ?
#12297 Bug: Time zone Web atarkowska major ?
#12299 RFE: Delete double linked image warning Web atarkowska major ?
#12315 Bug: DropBox can't remove temporary files on Windows Client spli major ?
#12419 BUG: Quick change of selection web Web web-team@… major ?
#12432 Bug: "bin/omero load -k" doesn't exit to shell in certain cases Client major ?
#12438 BUG: Hang in import process - import part of .lei Insight jburel major ?
#12439 Bug: RepositoryInfo broken? API major ?
#12467 RFE: Server foregrounding option improvements Deployment major ?
#12483 Add support for MetaSystems .vsi data Bio-Formats major ?
#12545 Bug: DB model for ROI to Image does not match XML schema Model jamoore major ?
#12584 Add support for .oct files Bio-Formats major ?
#12664 BUG: Avatar error Web wmoore major ?
#12691 RFE: support LargeZips Web web-team@… major ?
#12706 Bug: SecurityViolation when removed from group Web wmoore major ?
#12730 Add support for Tissuegnostics data Bio-Formats major ?
#12731 Update L2DReader to support Li-Cor Odyssey data Bio-Formats major ?
#12763 Bug: 500 in web uncaught on user deactivation Web wmoore major ?
#12778 BUG: webclient/?show=image-XXX URLs don't work when the image is on the 2nd+ page of a dataset Web wmoore major ?
#12788 BUG: Import failure on trout-latest - Unable to handle target Insight jburel major ?
#12813 BUG: Thumbnail Figure empty Dataset Web wmoore major ?
#12830 Auto-truncate names in tree Web wmoore major ?
#12836 Read lookup tables from Imspector .msr files Bio-Formats major ?
#12841 Bug: Imspector channels detected incorrectly Bio-Formats major ?
#12872 RFE: Warning on deletion of Attachments Web wmoore major ?
#12873 Bug: plate Run move Web wmoore major ?
#12891 Bug: InternalException on admin search Services major ?
#12892 Bug: Handle CmdError on load_original_metadata Web wmoore major ?
#12908 Scripts 'Password' parameter Scripting wmoore major ?
#12980 Bug: web Download zip > 2GB Web wmoore major ?
#12991 Public user should take priority on public pages Web atarkowska major ?
#12992 Download as JPEG Services major ?
#13010 BUG: Thumb is None Web wmoore major ?
#13015 Add support for EasyRatioPro format Bio-Formats major ?
#13030 Newly added omero prop cause SecurityViolation Services atarkowska major ?
#13043 BUG: Share and Projections Web wmoore major ?
#13047 RFE: Misformatting of table Web wmoore major ?
#13049 SaveArray without Validation Exception Services jamoore major ?
#13080 Bug: Cannot view data in system group Web wmoore major ?
#13084 BUG: OutOfMemoryError IMetadata.getTaggedObjectsCount() ApplicationServer jamoore major ?
#13086 BUG: Archived files multi-import Insight jburel major ?
#13087 BUG: Freezes at import of archived Insight jburel major ?
#13096 omero.web.apps should be unique Web atarkowska major ?
#13100 BUG: Web Rendering Settings - entered number not updating Web wmoore major ?
#13105 BUG: Loss of interaction with image after computer sleep Insight jburel major ?
#13117 Web should better handle request when omero server is unavailable Web atarkowska major ?
#13120 Add support for RayScan .rec data Bio-Formats dgault major ?
#13136 Add support for Berthold Nightshade data Bio-Formats major ?
#13138 BUG: NoObjectFactoryException omero::model::Rectangle Insight dlindner major ?
#13153 BUG: synchronous actions in Web Services major ?
#13159 Review permissions for graph operations from CLI Client cblackburn major ?
#13172 RFE: Guard agains duplicate tagnames Client major ?
#13191 ReadOnlyGroupSecurityViolation: Cannot link General major ?
#13198 ApiUsageException: Cannot find unique user DistinguishedName Services major ?
#13231 RFE: do not ignore image name on import Import jamoore major ?
#13235 Bug: Errors in Indexer log Services major ?
#13251 Bug: cleanse fails if there is a null ManagedRepository OmeroPy cblackburn major ?
#13252 Unexpected behavior of querieng MapAnnotations API jamoore major ?
#13264 BUG: Ordering in Shares Web wmoore major ?
#13270 Bug: images not matching with well placement Bio-Formats dgault major ?
#13278 ome.conditions.OptimisticLockException Services major ?
#13279 ome.conditions.TryAgain Services major ?
#13303 BUG: ResourceError on large batch uploads General dlindner major ?
#13328 Add support for Philips TIFF General dgault major ?
#196 Examine redefining the CodomainMapContext types and others as structs Model cxallan minor
#198 ShallowCopy should not use reflection. General jamoore minor
#206 Document stateful service problems Documentation jamoore minor
#216 Hide OmeroContext methods by splitting class and using BeanPostProcessor Configuration jamoore minor
#225 Gather all references to "root"/0L/"system"/"user" and internalize to SecuritySystem Security jamoore minor
#229 Test the use of the Hibernate query cache General jamoore minor
#317 Upgrade Spring DTD url Configuration jamoore minor
#335 ReadOnly methods still sometimes get a DB entry (Event) ORM jamoore minor
#338 Provide overview of which interfaces affect which DB tables General jamoore minor
#347 Implement IQuery.refresh(IObject) API jamoore minor
#349 Create and use subclasses of SecurityViolation from ACLEventListener Security jamoore minor
#359 DSL "required" property type could often be remodelled as one-to-one or many-to-one DSL jamoore minor
#377 Refactor `ome.services.query.Hierarchy` Queries jamoore minor
#378 Extend security tests. Security jamoore minor
#395 Implement performance regression tests Performance jamoore minor
#414 Document IAdmin-like usage of IUpdate.flush() API jamoore minor
#439 Put all enumerations in a single table ORM jamoore minor
#447 Examine time queries from non-Java languages. General jamoore minor
#478 Move pertinent annotations (@Stateless/@Stateful) to interfaces API jamoore minor
#512 Review hidden password solution. Security jamoore minor ?
#635 Overload operator<< on generated C++ classes if possible. Client jamoore minor
#669 Thumbnails won't generate on small images. General cxallan minor
#702 Try Hiberate 3.2.4.ga's order_insert option Performance jamoore minor
#711 blitz's IQuery.findAllByExample fails after #710 fix General jamoore minor
#722 Evaluate all HQL and Criteria queries for distinctness Queries jamoore minor
#737 ModelMapper improperly handles timestamps Services jamoore minor
#1006 Document and possibly implement helper method for reattaching to a serialized stateful server Documentation jamoore minor
#1026 Add PojoOptions to filter bad Images Services jamoore minor
#1043 Long-running Hibernate calls should be cancelled when client stops pinging in Ice Services jamoore minor
#1046 OMERO.registry needs to handle caching via proxies General jamoore minor
#1068 Review use of Spring internals General jamoore minor
#1153 Rework pojos.* packages, possibly using ObjectFactories API jamoore minor ?
#1202 Remove blank spaces with strip when validating the data General atarkowska minor
#1243 Image.reloadX et al. must check for a null details value Model jamoore minor
#1440 Decide if win32 API in python is a requirement on Windows General jamoore minor
#1465 Remove register-process from OmeroGrid configuration (Ice::Process) Deployment jamoore minor
#1489 Add RuntimeException subclass for wrapping omero.ServerError API jamoore minor
#1516 Add support for configuring OMERO_MASTER via config Deployment jamoore minor
#1529 Windows QUICKSTART failed to start with unusual message Deployment jamoore minor
#1531 Odd exceptions on shutdown in python General jamoore minor
#1609 find workaround for ${omero.name} in command-line Deployment jamoore minor
#1615 saveAndReturnIds should handle unknown objects API jamoore minor
#1619 Displaying thumbnails General minor
#1625 Tag sets contain tag sets General jamoore minor ?
#1627 Tag ontologies General jamoore minor
#1628 Tags: multiple user issues General jamoore minor
#1674 Losing connection during scanning forces user to repeat scan Insight jburel minor ?
#1803 Insight : Handle Protocol exceptions with "possible version mismatch error" Insight jburel minor
#2314 Activating trace for Processor-0 causes a hang Deployment minor ?
#2525 Migrate EventLogs from previous db upgrades General minor ?
#2539 Move sql/ directory contents to share/ General minor ?
#2584 On "Failed to startup" offer or run diagnostics General minor ?
#2671 Create superclass for omero.client in all languages API minor 2.5d
#2817 RFE: Add multi-field unique constraints to DSL DSL minor ?
#2892 Validator/bioformats should check XmlAnnotation blocks against XSD / DTD if available Specification rleigh minor ?
#2987 Add ConstrationViolation subclass of ValidationException General minor ?
#3243 Remove / refactor adminWorkflow.py Scripting wmoore minor ?
#3275 Prevent web settings.py from logging in on CLI usage General minor ?
#3425 Color picker Insight minor ?
#3436 Detecting ongoing import Insight minor ?
#3577 Create Template for SA General minor 0.5d
#3954 Handle datasets with large number of images Insight jburel minor ?
#3976 Extensions to "user data" landing page Web cxallan minor 1.5d
#4063 Cache HibernateUtils.getDetails Performance minor ?
#4090 Better usage of JAI Image I/O Tools Bio-Formats minor
#4091 Add support for compressed LIM files Bio-Formats minor ?
#4102 Add support for vector data in PS/EPS files Bio-Formats minor
#4103 Add enumeration for OME-XML versions Bio-Formats minor
#4105 More flexible window naming Bio-Formats crueden-x minor
#4106 Add support for MPEG-2/.vob files Bio-Formats minor
#4108 Vector .psd files not supported Bio-Formats minor
#4115 Add support for scanning microscopy formats Bio-Formats minor
#4152 LSM reader XT linescan opened as XY Bio-Formats minor
#4212 RFE: allow deleting of user scripts Services minor 0.25d
#4213 Add support for MetaFluor/OptoFluor data Bio-Formats minor 1d
#4527 RFE: store client passwords client-side (passwordless login) General minor ?
#4666 Derived columns must provide metadata to that effect General minor ?
#4703 Allow for browsing the selected project General jburel minor ?
#4857 RFE: Layout of Plate Insight jburel minor ?
#5252 RFE: Improved cancellation options Insight minor 0.25d
#5267 RFE: Add new group WebAdmin WebAdmin wmoore minor ?
#5550 BUG: Thumbnail for very small images Services minor 0.1d
#5580 RFE: Open new dataset when clicking on name in import tab. Insight jburel minor ?
#5864 RFE: Image viewer split view - viewing 4 channels Insight jburel minor ?
#5873 openThumb* should return the stored thumbnail for FV1000 files Bio-Formats minor ?
#5886 LIM: allow deleting proj & dataset in insight Insight jburel minor ?
#5895 LIM: web history shows no data Web ux@… minor ?
#5932 Examine use of -XX:+UseCompressedOops General minor ?
#5960 Add cleanse to Delete tests Bin-Services minor ?
#5994 Provide JMX CLI tools. General minor ?
#6260 No right click in Project hierarchy view - Ubuntu Insight jburel minor ?
#6399 Restrict max sizex and sizey Services minor ?
#6413 Fix support for RGB Volocity clipping files Bio-Formats minor ?
#6441 Right hand panel refresh button Web wmoore minor ?
#6461 Alt. strategy for relative paths on Windows Deployment jamoore minor ?
#6469 Delete Plate, keep images Insight jburel minor ?
#6861 RFE: Remove Avatar Image Web atarkowska minor ?
#6942 RFE: Landing page support 'shared' images Web wmoore minor ?
#6957 Provide passwordless login on server system Deployment minor ?
#6965 UpgradeChecks are slow General jamoore minor ?
#7080 Feedback/Error Pop-up window message improvement Web wmoore minor ?
#7197 Bug: Java heap space management Insight jburel minor ?
#7267 Evaluate ivy classifiers for insight build General jamoore minor ?
#7701 Add support for Bruker Optics data Bio-Formats minor ?
#7973 RFE: Allow movie script to show ROI'S General jburel minor ?
#8092 BUG:Error display Insight jburel minor ?
#8126 RFE: Allow writing of AVI 2.0 files Bio-Formats minor ?
#8215 Set up some way of mapping plane indices to file names Bio-Formats minor ?
#8247 RFE: Reset of point to point Insight jburel minor ?
#8366 Create new "Image+Filename view" Web wmoore minor ?
#8759 RFE: Delete vv Remove annotations Web jburel minor ?
#8820 Bug: out of synch Insight jburel minor ?
#8875 Add some missing Metamorph screen metadata Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#9072 RFE: Scrolling bug viewing image information in image viewer Insight jburel minor ?
#9073 Bug: Right-hand information panel stuck to right hand edge of window, and is not expandable General jburel minor ?
#9079 Bug: Glacier2 cannot be caught in OmeroPy General jburel minor ?
#9109 RFE: support temp_ids in PostgreSQL ORM minor ?
#9167 RFE: shapes not taken into account in RoiOptions General minor ?
#9198 RFE: Facility to tag wells in Screen Insight jburel minor ?
#9207 Bug: Admin cannot move to new group immediately after creating the group Insight jburel minor ?
#9224 Bug: Browse from "Located in" Insight jburel minor ?
#9228 Investigate performance of TIFF-based readers Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#9231 RFE: prevent change of groups while user working Security jamoore minor ?
#9238 Bug: Insight application cosmetic issues Insight jburel minor ?
#9255 RFE: Admin Insight/Web difference Insight jburel minor ?
#9256 RFE: Group name refresh Insight jburel minor ?
#9260 Bug: Newly added user not showing Insight jburel minor ?
#9264 Bug:Zoom in and out on 2048x2048 image Insight jburel minor ?
#9276 BUG:attached XML from QA jburel minor ?
#9288 RFE: remove _createConnection from weblitz.views General cneves minor ?
#9289 RFE: remove try_super from omero.gateway connect General cneves minor ?
#9315 RFE: OMERO database setup is two steps when it could be one Deployment minor ?
#9333 RFE: /tmp directory deleted General jamoore minor ?
#9336 Some DICOM files do not read all planes Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#9360 BUG:Image Scroll reset on zooming from QA jburel minor ?
#9503 Remember Thumb zoom Insight jburel minor ?
#9516 RFE: add support for SICM data Bio-Formats minor ?
#9517 Bug: Open-with... multi images Insight jburel minor ?
#9593 DOC: ome.plateview.js Documentation minor ?
#9604 Bug: switch user ij Insight jburel minor ?
#9615 Bug: Field view thumbnail zooming broken in plate view Insight jburel minor ?
#9619 Keep all acquisition categories expanded when switching between Images Insight jburel minor ?
#9657 Bug: Move to Group - refresh Insight jburel minor ?
#9694 RFE: log some err when manage.py already running Web web-team@… minor ?
#9735 BUG:Error handling data repo installation/upgrade from QA jburel minor ?
#9764 RFE: Error handling from QA jburel minor ?
#9776 RFE: Table view/List view Insight and Web Web web-team@… minor ?
#9797 BUG: Scale bar tool main menu Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#9815 BUG: Tags added at import invisible in thumbnails Insight jburel minor ?
#9828 RFE:QA4709 handle "No space left on device" from QA jburel minor ?
#9842 BUG: Right pane not activating Insight jburel minor ?
#9874 RFE: Import Time using locale Insight jburel minor ?
#9889 RFE: Group creation Web and Insight Web web-team@… minor ?
#9891 BUG:OO memory reading file from QA jburel minor ?
#9894 RFE: New user/group creation in web Web web-team@… minor ?
#9898 RFE: Edit user in Web and Insight Web web-team@… minor ?
#9910 Turn remaining uses of ReflectedUniverse into services Bio-Formats minor ?
#9920 RFE: plugin text Insight jburel minor ?
#9923 BUG: link from Importer to Dataset not working in Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#9932 Add support for OASIS slide datasets Bio-Formats minor ?
#9978 BUG:Remove group from QA jburel minor ?
#9998 Bug: Insight filter does not update even with refresh Insight jburel minor ?
#10009 Bug: MT and tables update after save. Insight jburel minor ?
#10025 Add support for MetaIO files Bio-Formats minor ?
#10028 BUG:Lens and movie from QA jburel minor ?
#10032 CLI: Simplified start/stop via bin/omero admin Client minor ?
#10056 RFE: clear list activities Web wmoore minor ?
#10065 RFE: Number of items display Web wmoore minor ?
#10072 RFE: Provide feedback during large uploads-QA4797 from QA jburel minor ?
#10080 Update Insight to handle array columns Insight jburel minor ?
#10087 Refactor sf.executor to handle exceptions Services minor ?
#10167 Bug: Importer does not refresh thumbnails if /OMERO/Thumbnails changes Import jburel minor ?
#10169 RFE: Extend Channel Name change Insight jburel minor ?
#10172 Bug: Data browser lags behind metadata change Insight jburel minor ?
#10182 Reduce log output for Indexer General jamoore minor ?
#10186 Sort user and group admin lists by default Web web-team@… minor ?
#10198 Bug: lastModification timestamp is ignored by OMERO.tables update() API spli minor ?
#10246 RFE: Sort tag lists by count Insight jburel minor ?
#10253 RFE: Import files in a logical order Import minor ?
#10257 Bug: insight looks for icy in client dir Insight jburel minor ?
#10258 RFE: Indicate progress edit channel Insight jburel minor ?
#10265 RFE: Projection image description Insight jburel minor ?
#10271 FindBugsTask cannot be found General jamoore minor ?
#10276 Review files older than 2 years General jamoore minor ?
#10288 Address literal non-ASCII characters in source code General minor ?
#10293 RFE: on logout set login params, or have switch user Web wmoore minor ?
#10313 Bug: clash between users semi-disables Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#10314 Bug: Insight toolbar inactive in some situations Insight jburel minor ?
#10328 Bug: ROIs drawn Insight shown to be in wrong place by web client image viewer Insight jburel minor ?
#10330 Enable deletion of (hanging/zombie) ScriptJobs Scripting minor ?
#10332 Bug: Insight drag and drop doesn't move images between groups Insight jburel minor ?
#10357 Color Mapping strategy from QA jburel minor ?
#10362 OMERO.scripts should call enableKeepAlive() before running a script Scripting spli minor 1d
#10396 Dragging of images in web fails after the mouse pointer leaves the image Web wmoore minor ?
#10408 Bug: search for Experimenter using byFullText("root") does not return any results Search minor ?
#10414 Consider changing file path representation in API OmeroFs jamoore minor ?
#10418 Consider adding FloatColumn OMERO.tables column type API spli minor ?
#10428 Turn down logging verbosity in OMERO.tables Services spli minor ?
#10452 RFE: different CLI help goes to different file descriptors Import jamoore minor ?
#10454 Bug: in web right-click menus can be vertically truncated Web wmoore minor ?
#10455 RFE: poor layout of right pane in web client Web wmoore minor ?
#10484 Bug: Group display selector hard to awaken Insight jburel minor ?
#10504 Add support for Aperio XML ROI file Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#10528 Bug: Incorrect header size in ROI propagation dialogue Insight jburel minor ?
#10534 Bug: Jiggling metadata scrollbars Insight jburel minor ?
#10540 Bug: ROI tool line profile and histogram defects Insight jburel minor ?
#10541 Bug: Insight ROI intensity view excel export defects Insight jburel minor ?
#10552 Bug: Can't view large images in Insight, out of memory Insight jburel minor ?
#10553 RFE: display if user is an admin Insight jburel minor ?
#10565 Review server for RawFileStore leakage General jamoore minor ?
#10584 Bug: testStartAsync failing (disabling) General jamoore minor ?
#10605 Force debug=True for OMERO.web while in development mode Web web-team@… minor ?
#10612 Export: prevent overwriting of existing files Bio-Formats minor ?
#10616 Bug: black text on black backgound Web wmoore minor ?
#10660 BUG: Big images rendering - red square Insight jburel minor ?
#10670 Improve exception handling when thumbnail size is too small Services minor ?
#10672 Big image import failure on howe Import minor ?
#10679 BUG: History calendar Web Web wmoore minor ?
#10691 Adjust code generator so that enumeration values appear in ome.model.* Model minor ?
#10692 Review checksum comparisons OmeroFs jamoore minor ?
#10693 Refactor OriginalFile for repositories and directories OmeroFs jamoore minor ?
#10704 Stacktrace emdb OMERO web Web wmoore minor ?
#10715 BUG: ROIs - Insight-Web - different appearance and IDs Insight jburel minor ?
#10731 Bug: Display of long other XML annotation Insight jburel minor ?
#10744 RFE: raw file store empty file semantics Services minor ?
#10754 Validation checksums for file downloads OmeroFs jamoore minor ?
#10763 Bug: Creation of zipfile/ome-tiff attachments by file export Web web-team@… minor ?
#10768 RFE: File chooser during downgrade Insight jburel minor ?
#10787 Bug: orphaned wells on gretzky Insight jburel minor ?
#10792 Performance numbers for FS lite General minor ?
#10808 Convenience methods/test for Repository API API minor ?
#10809 FS delete finalization General minor ?
#10812 FS perf. optimizations to consider Performance minor ?
#10814 RFE: Export - downgrade file filter Insight jburel minor ?
#10815 NetworkChecker & HTTP_PROXY General minor ?
#10818 Bug: Graphical layout issues with java7/windows8 Insight jburel minor ?
#10835 RFE: chdir on insight launch from CLI Insight jburel minor ?
#10906 RFE: IQuery should respect Parameters.exp() Services minor ?
#10919 Detect omero.fslite.path_rules breaking changes OmeroFs mtbcarroll minor ?
#10922 Bug: Size of tag/comment/text annotations is unlimited API minor ?
#10924 RFE: deprecation warnings General minor ?
#10930 Arrange Lucene index better for multiply hashed files Search minor ?
#10974 RFE: BlitzGateway.getObjects(???, []) returns an unhelpful error API wmoore minor ?
#10976 BUG: Browse Projects Insight jburel minor ?
#10986 ome.conditions.InternalException: No permissions: from QA atarkowska minor ?
#11038 RFE: heavy Ctrl-C on CLI chgrp should properly cancel Client minor ?
#11049 Bug: Insight refresh on administration change Insight jburel minor ?
#11055 CLI configuration option prompt spacing is poor Client jamoore minor ?
#11066 RFE: package Makefile as Makefile.example in OMERO.cpp.zip OmeroCpp minor ?
#11073 Bug: Insight crash while working on batch export Insight jburel minor ?
#11080 BUG:Browsing wrong state from QA jburel minor ?
#11091 Refactor hierarchy-walking in latest Blitz FS code OmeroFs mtbcarroll minor ?
#11103 Doc: Add page for methods to avoid (clone(), etc.) Documentation jamoore minor ?
#11105 RFE: improve thread executor configuration Services minor ?
#11155 BUG:Improve Checksum error handling from QA jburel minor ?
#11163 RFE: Exporting Intensity Values to Excel - Single Channel Insight jburel minor ?
#11165 RFE: Plot profile script Insight jburel minor ?
#11179 BUG: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'read' from QA spli minor ?
#11180 RFE: Split channel view should (arguably) default to showing all channels instead of the first three Web ux@… minor ?
#11277 Abnormal termination due to an uncaught exception. from QA jburel minor ?
#11283 Bug: Login dialogue is broken (repeat regression) Insight jburel minor ?
#11295 Disable Attach button if a directory is selected after previously selecting a file Insight jburel minor ?
#11304 Bug: omero admin diagnostics fails early Deployment minor ?
#11308 RFE: more strongly cause QA submitters to identify themselves QA jburel minor ?
#11310 Review literal references to SHA1 in OMERO 5 OmeroFs jamoore minor ?
#11311 BUG: Measurement tool - ROI - Window disappears behind viewer Insight jburel minor ?
#11316 RFE: Create users from QA jburel minor ?
#11318 EMBL-Heidelberg Format Bio-Formats minor ?
#11327 RFE: awkward editing of metadata text fields Insight jburel minor ?
#11347 Bug: Extend timestamp precision to nanoseconds Bio-Formats rleigh minor ?
#11375 Bug: permissions test throws wrong exception Security jamoore minor ?
#11377 RFE: Insight doesn't always expand user's tree node Insight jburel minor ?
#11393 BUG:Refresh browser Insight jburel minor ?
#11415 RFE: test client display of wells from run-less plates, consider other kinds of data Client jburel minor ?
#11437 Write script for getting tiles pre-cached Scripting minor ?
#11443 RFE: Auto-scroll to project/dataset/image when linked in a web url Web web-team@… minor ?
#11469 RFE: consider comments on AdminImpl Services jamoore minor ?
#11486 RFE: viewing orphaned samples in Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#11526 QA7654 - should feedback be opened from scripts? from QA atarkowska minor ?
#11528 Document SQL version history Documentation jamoore minor ?
#11536 RFE: 'Run' in image hierarchy Web wmoore minor ?
#11560 Bug: Incorrect pixel offsets for some .spl files Bio-Formats minor ?
#11561 Python servers hang at startup when Ice.Trace is enabled OmeroPy spli minor ?
#11580 BUG: OMERO.web has duplicate upgrade available messages Web web-team@… minor ?
#11585 Bug: "Almost complete" throughout 1Gb upload Insight jburel minor ?
#11616 Permission denied: /tmp/sessionida8f6f1fa35675dfb from QA atarkowska minor ?
#11623 Bug: Insight copes poorly with wells that have no samples Insight jburel minor ?
#11636 API for file path sanitization OmeroFs mtbcarroll minor ?
#11650 Bug: Please link to newly-created QA tickets QA atarkowska minor ?
#11666 Add support for EVOS data Bio-Formats minor ?
#11670 RFE: omero config get should return default values Configuration minor ?
#11678 RFE: Shortcode markup for linking images in web Web web-team@… minor ?
#11684 RFE: clarity about INI format Import jamoore minor ?
#11685 Use common best-of-all INI parser General mtbcarroll minor ?
#11696 BUG: Multiple server list entries on same host with different ports aren't allowed Insight jburel minor ?
#11712 RFE: keep RobotFramework Screenshots General jburel minor ?
#11721 Bug: OmeroMetadataStore support for Modulo Z annotations Insight jburel minor ?
#11734 RFE: View on Windows EOL problem Insight jburel minor ?
#11738 Silence JDBCExceptionReporter ERRORs on bad queries General minor ?
#11741 Provide remote access to script mimetypes ApplicationServer minor ?
#11744 RFE: New Project when Projection Insight jburel minor ?
#11755 RFE: OMERO.Insight - First Run ask Server Name General jburel minor ?
#11756 BUG: Batch image export fails if the total exported size is too large General minor ?
#11778 BUG:NPE loading available reader from QA jburel minor ?
#11780 RFE: Comprehensive, automated model object graph analysis Services mtbcarroll minor ?
#11791 Use cleanse to remove minimal original_metadata.txt files General minor ?
#11794 Bug: Insight configuration rejects distinct configs Insight jburel minor ?
#11811 Bug: hang on disconnecting VPN Insight jburel minor ?
#11816 Bug: Viewer split view resets viewport position on pointer exit Insight jburel minor ?
#11829 Bug: Insight debugging in Eclipse throws exception Insight jburel minor ?
#11831 Attempt to improve metadata exported from ImageJ Bio-Formats minor ?
#11843 RFE: 3D ROI distance script Scripting minor ?
#11846 BUG:Error handling permissions from QA jburel minor ?
#11862 Bug: OME-TIFF support for reading and writing complex pixel types Bio-Formats minor ?
#11868 BUG:Check for missing icon from QA jburel minor ?
#11897 __hash__ implementation for BlitzGateway objects General drussell-x minor ?
#11904 Stack overflow Browser from QA jburel minor ?
#11919 Integration test for QA feedback QA jburel minor ?
#11923 MemoryLimitException after strees test from QA atarkowska minor ?
#11935 RFE: Position of web refresh button is inconsistent Web ux@… minor ?
#11942 Bug: need a couple of tries to expand users in tree view Insight jburel minor ?
#11959 Bug: IE9 bird's eye view drag Web wmoore minor ?
#11967 RFE: ImageJ plugin interface does not expose reader-specific export options Bio-Formats minor ?
#11991 BUG: duplicate zips created on download from QA jburel minor ?
#12005 RFE: No importer-cli.bat script for Windows Import jburel minor ?
#12015 BUG: Paging in the OMERO.web history view doesn't work properly Web web-team@… minor ?
#12016 Bug: Windows clients error log Client jburel minor ?
#12018 Bug: Big image scroll box size incorrect upon initial viewing Insight jburel minor ?
#12022 RFE: click view immediately after import of bigimage in Insight, "The image is not a valid image" Insight jburel minor ?
#12040 Improve error message when a script can't be run Scripting minor ?
#12043 RFE: make fileset entry client path look nicer Import jamoore minor ?
#12052 Bug: move user between groups in Insight leaves Project tree stale Insight jburel minor ?
#12053 Bug: web: remove user's last group leaves field empty WebAdmin wmoore minor ?
#12059 C++ Image rescaling/resampling Bio-Formats rleigh minor ?
#12081 Bug: C++ PixelBuffer needs a companion proxy pixel buffer Bio-Formats rleigh minor ?
#12089 RFE : Fiji/ImageJ - batch file handling General bramalingam minor ?
#12122 RFE: query service handling of bytea DB columns Services jamoore minor ?
#12180 RFE: more robustness in using non-standard Java classes General minor ?
#12207 Bug: render_response and render_response_admin fail if given an HttpResponse Web web-team@… minor ?
#12215 Bug: can't see file paths popup under Linux Insight jburel minor ?
#12224 BUG: put group off display & import Insight jburel minor ?
#12234 Bug: Import directory with no images fails Insight jburel minor ?
#12237 Bug: LIFReader: Original metadata regression from 4.4 Bio-Formats jburel minor ?
#12240 Birdeyeview bug on IE Web web-team@… minor ?
#12243 RFE: increase pagination options for CLI commands Services jamoore minor ?
#12246 Bug: Dialogue boxes always appear on primary display Insight jburel minor ?
#12260 RFE: database script upgrade schema comparison Model jamoore minor ?
#12265 RFE: reduce number of directories for uploaded files QA atarkowska minor ?
#12275 Check filesystem sanitization of template paths Import jamoore minor ?
#12277 RFE: Add ImageJ logo to Insight running as ImageJ plugin Insight jburel minor ?
#12292 RFE: reserved column names ORM jamoore minor ?
#12312 Bug: password reset assumes root user ID of 0 General minor ?
#12334 RFE: Windows Service bin/omero admin diagostics and OMERO_TEMPDIR Deployment jamoore minor ?
#12345 LockTimeout on loading metadata from QA atarkowska minor ?
#12364 BUG:File on tape from QA jburel minor ?
#12382 Bug: SecurityViolation - updating thumbnail not allowed Web wmoore minor ?
#12385 Unnecessary thread safety from Vector? Bio-Formats mtbcarroll minor ?
#12387 BUG:Figure generation PDF Search wmoore minor ?
#12400 Bug: xsd-fu is using an ancient version of generateDS General minor ?
#12401 BUG: First-time LDAP login not working in Insight from QA jburel minor ?
#12404 Bug: insight "cannot cancel script" error Insight jburel minor ?
#12418 RFE: nicer error from Insight for out of space when saving files Insight jburel minor ?
#12427 RFE: Clarify compression setting. Insight jburel minor ?
#12428 RFE: make script help hyperlinks actually live Web web-team@… minor ?
#12431 RFE: set umask in omero web config Web web-team@… minor ?
#12442 Bug: hql size function syntax error General minor ?
#12464 Bug: server start-up confusing if repository bean creation fails Services jamoore minor ?
#12473 Channel should model separate probe/fluor metadata attributes Specification rleigh minor ?
#12515 BUG: Prev/next page links do not adapt to filtered results Web web-team@… minor ?
#12535 Bug: Unsupported conversion to rtype from QA atarkowska minor ?
#12540 Bug: curious group owner creation behavior Insight jburel minor ?
#12541 ICE_CONFIG environment variable is ignored by omero shell OmeroPy minor ?
#12542 RFE: distinguish system / owner users in tree view Insight jburel minor ?
#12573 BUG: QA 9547 - handle timed out session from QA jburel minor ?
#12580 Bug: projected images share objective settings General minor ?
#12586 Bug: Insight context menu enabling for new containers Insight jburel minor ?
#12593 Bug: Insight projects browser icons not updating with thumbnails changes Insight jburel minor ?
#12594 RFE: Allow multi-paste of image link Insight jburel minor ?
#12595 Bug: Very confusing multi-selection in project browser Insight jburel minor ?
#12599 Bug: OMERO clients report BIT pixel type as uint8 Bio-Formats minor ?
#12621 BUG: BlitzGateway,getSession() fails if initialised using client_obj API minor ?
#12655 BUG:TableLayout ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Insight dlindner minor ?
#12660 RFE: Alpha-blended overlay of binary segmentation on images Client minor ?
#12674 Bug: absurd Insight import time Insight jburel minor ?
#12682 Bug: DatabaseBusyException Insight jburel minor ?
#12689 Bug: tree/metadata sync with runs and wells Insight jburel minor ?
#12710 BUG: Search raised and error Feedback 10437 from QA atarkowska minor ?
#12720 RFE: Tab Completion on users for group membership in web admin Web wmoore minor ?
#12721 RFE: Improve graphs error reporting in Web Web wmoore minor ?
#12740 Bug: Miscellaneous OMETiffReader defects Bio-Formats minor ?
#12749 Bug: move button becomes inconsistently deselected Insight jburel minor ?
#12764 Bug: save rename change Insight jburel minor ?
#12767 Bug: OSX Crash Dialogue on saveout from ROI edit Insight jburel minor ?
#12768 Bug: OSX Crash Dialogue on saveout from ROI edit Insight jburel minor ?
#12780 BUG: Insight Import View in Data Browser doesn't work Import minor ?
#12812 BUG: Windows servicename length is very limited on W2012-R2 General minor ?
#12815 Bug: kymograph script can't attach Scripting wmoore minor ?
#12838 BUG:JDK bug in GTKFileChooserUI Insight dlindner minor ?
#12844 BUG:NPE Importer from QA dlindner minor ?
#12845 RFE: file type Metamorph Import jburel minor ?
#12851 BUG:OmeroDataService, MemoryLimitException Insight dlindner minor ?
#12863 BUG: Insight delete stale comments, ratings, MAnn Insight jburel minor ?
#12882 RFE: more information about login failures Insight jburel minor ?
#12897 RFE: parse metadata from U. Fribourg 2-photon data Bio-Formats minor ?
#12898 Extend Bio-Formats Macro Extensions to extract Channel name,etc. Bio-Formats minor ?
#12907 Bug: C++ cmake option consistency Bio-Formats rleigh minor ?
#12909 BUG:Feedback 11099 - SocketException Insight jburel minor ?
#12914 Bug: negative script parameters Web wmoore minor ?
#12915 RFE: Clearer indication of script failure Insight jburel minor ?
#12916 RFE - getting map annotations using Matlab toolkit General bramalingam minor ?
#12917 RFE: Display Group ID in clients Insight jburel minor ?
#12922 Bug: PG ERROR printed on invalid UTF-8 ORM minor ?
#12923 RFE: Improve handling of "User 452 is not a member of group 106" security violation from server Web wmoore minor ?
#12937 RFE: avoid needless group click on move Web wmoore minor ?
#12938 Text image file support Bio-Formats minor ?
#12945 RFE: show error message after failed chmod Insight jburel minor ?
#12946 RFE: clarify downgrade-to-private workflow Insight jburel minor ?
#12947 Insight cache defult group from QA jburel minor ?
#12955 BUG:Measurementtool problems with sdt file from QA dlindner minor ?
#12956 BUG:Failing LDAP request crashed Insight from QA dlindner minor ?
#12961 RFE: Allow user to change mind when choosing group (change group, web) Web wmoore minor ?
#12979 RFE: improve error message for CLI export onto existing file OmeroPy cblackburn minor ?
#13001 Bug: new tag set gets grayed out Insight jburel minor ?
#13004 RFE : Optimise performance for reading tiles in big Images Bio-Formats minor ?
#13006 RFE: better error detail on save failure Insight jburel minor ?
#13008 Bug: missing intensity results data? Insight jburel minor ?
#13011 Webgateway cache missing quality Web atarkowska minor ?
#13014 Bug: Memory Management issues in OMERO-IJ Plugin for Big Images Insight jburel minor ?
#13027 Bug: Windows user at UCL triggered AWT exception Insight jburel minor ?
#13028 Bug: Email bounce / address problems should not be a server error WebAdmin atarkowska minor ?
#13041 RFE: CLI can have trouble introspecting into abstract types Client cblackburn minor ?
#13053 Bug: Password Reset is not an Error Web atarkowska minor ?
#13056 BUG: RFE Browsing through planes Insight dlindner minor ?
#13060 Cannot find unique user DistinguishedName Services atarkowska minor ?
#13064 RFE: New Reader for Picoquant HydraHarp (.pt3) Bio-Formats minor ?
#13071 BUG: Remove user from last group Insight dlindner minor ?
#13072 RFE: Selection of General pane Web wmoore minor ?
#13077 Images not linked directly to Instruments Model jburel minor ?
#13093 Bug: Polygon switch tool Insight jburel minor ?
#13098 BUG: JPEG Reader (Could not determine subsample type) Bio-Formats minor ?
#13101 BUG: SecurityViolation: 2 methods active Insight dlindner minor ?
#13102 BUG: Insight Dock icon lost Insight jburel minor ?
#13106 TiffReader: Does not handle YCbCr conversion Bio-Formats minor ?
#13110 BUG: NoClassDefFoundError PieDataset Insight dlindner minor ?
#13116 BUG: OptimisticLockException on import Insight dlindner minor ?
#13118 Bug: QA16933 - error handling on server down Web atarkowska minor ?
#13121 BUG: cannot delete Shape Insight bramalingam minor ?
#13123 Andor/FluoviewReader - Incorrect unit conversion Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13144 Bug: Minimal Tiff Reader - Index out of bounds exception Bio-Formats minor ?
#13152 Bug: Image looks different between BF and OMERO Import jburel minor ?
#13155 BUG: No lock found Insight dlindner minor ?
#13163 BUG: Paste rendering settings Insight dlindner minor ?
#13166 RFE: allow creation of ROIs from CLI ROIs jamoore minor ?
#13168 BUG: Bioformats Exporter not opening Mac OSX Java 8 Bio-Formats minor ?
#13170 CellSensReader - Image banding and bad pixel data Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13174 APLReader - parsing of mtb file Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13178 BUG: Unsupported Compression Type 1145656920 for AVIReader Bio-Formats minor ?
#13184 RFE: replace deprecated Hibernate annotations ORM jamoore minor ?
#13185 RFE: option to Group/Ungroup files at the Import stage in Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#13188 Bug: Additional tiling defects Bio-Formats minor ?
#13189 BUG: NPE in Importer UI Insight dlindner minor ?
#13190 BUG: Image thumbnail selection, crash Insight dlindner minor ?
#13203 ZeissCZIReader - Unknown IlluminationType Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13204 BUG: ND2 files with wrong series and time points Bio-Formats minor ?
#13208 BUG: Java Gateway, sudo connections fail Insight dlindner minor ?
#13211 Channel offsets surprise Scripting wmoore minor ?
#13213 BUG: NPE getSelectedGroup Insight dlindner minor ?
#13215 BUG: Network down exceptions Insight dlindner minor ?
#13216 BUG: ConstraintViolationException; image annotation Insight dlindner minor ?
#13219 Bug: Web rendering settings fails with this artificial image Web wmoore minor ?
#13222 ImageJ Plugin - Image crop not working with Virtual stack Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13227 Strange SVG geometry in Insight Insight jburel minor ?
#13228 Bug: "No Image" thumb rendered at aspect of underlying image Web wmoore minor ?
#13234 Bug: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "experimenter_omename_key" General jamoore minor ?
#13236 Bug: stack trace in converting to PNG Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13240 BUG: Import dialog: New Dataset orphaned Insight dlindner minor ?
#13244 ImspectorPro files only open a single frame Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13245 BUG: Misleading error message for OOM Insight dlindner minor ?
#13249 BUG: Requested object ID: null Insight dlindner minor ?
#13259 OMERO.insight-ij plugin - charToByteConverterClass warning Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13260 Bug: omero ldap create hung ApplicationServer minor ?
#13263 BUG: SocketException, too many open files Insight dlindner minor ?
#13265 ValidationException when inserting Pixels object Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13268 Bug: "Apply" button seems to ignore port change for server Insight dlindner minor ?
#13271 Olympus ScanR fails to import Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13274 RFE: Unsupported Fortmat (.ovl) Bio-Formats minor ?
#13276 Clean up guest connections from web Web atarkowska minor ?
#13283 RFE:: Improve cmd line listusers output Usability ux@… minor ?
#13287 BUG: CellSensReader (Image dimensions) Bio-Formats minor ?
#13288 Strange JPEG/OME-TIFF minmax behavior with import Import jburel minor ?
#13289 RFE: review tiffcomment upgrade check warning Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13292 Bug: Insight not showing pixel data Insight jburel minor ?
#13293 BUG: NPE image viewer Insight dlindner minor ?
#13294 BUG: NPE delete user Insight dlindner minor ?
#13296 BUG: Bio-Formats Exporter issues while splitting Z,T Bio-Formats dgault minor ?
#13298 Bug: wrong plate images shortly after import Import jamoore minor ?
#13300 RFE: Support for New Format (MSD) Bio-Formats minor ?
#13302 BUG: NPE in LocationDialog Insight dlindner minor ?
#13304 BUG: NPE in ImgSaver Insight dlindner minor ?
#13306 RFE: Populate slice labels of ImagePlus Object Bio-Formats minor ?
#13307 BUG: Map annotation saving workflow Insight jburel minor ?
#13308 BUG: NPE JComponent.repaint Insight dlindner minor ?
#13310 RFE: CLI user-choosing option sometimes ignored OmeroPy jamoore minor ?
#13311 BUG: NoSuchMethodError ROIFacility Insight dlindner minor ?
#13312 BUG: Can't delete tmp file, ArchivedImageLoader Insight dlindner minor ?
#13315 BUG:Feedback 17450: LDAP exception on root login from QA jamoore minor ?
#13322 Bug: ND2 Bfconvert issues Bio-Formats minor ?
#13329 Bug: DB deadlock in applySettingsToSet Services minor ?
#105 Update OMEData queries in test_data.properties and document usage. Deployment jamoore trivial
#262 Consider more service component interfaces for handler logic. Security jamoore trivial
#292 Use generated constant field names in criteria queries Queries jamoore trivial
#383 Remove all System.out|err references General jamoore trivial
#468 Roles should also take into account security annotations Security jamoore trivial
#559 Improve logging of DB modifications. General jamoore trivial
#6311 Add tooltips to the OME-XML window in ImageJ Bio-Formats trivial ?
#6375 Add basic support for PDF files Bio-Formats trivial 1d
#10340 Add support for VTK files Bio-Formats trivial ?
#10368 RFE: Use nice terminal bars for CLI upload General trivial ?
#13212 RFE: thumbnail context menu Web wmoore trivial ?
#13242 Bug: Insight create user UI requires a group allocated, but UI doesn't show it as required Insight jburel trivial ?
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