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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#814 Improve install/deploy experience Deployment Unscheduled Requirement 10/17/2007

cblackburn (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1445 Remote DropBox OmeroFs Unscheduled story 08/28/2009
#1756 Create a set of relevant exceptions for FS. OmeroFs Unscheduled task 01/22/2010
#953 Can OMERO.fs provide the java.io.Reader interface? OmeroFs Unscheduled task 05/07/2008
#1432 FS module renaming OmeroFs Unscheduled task 08/21/2009

cxallan (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#3510 IRepository adjustments Services Unscheduled task 11/25/2010
#1230 RepositoryInfo rework General Unscheduled story 03/12/2009
#854 Rendering Settings Service Missing Return Values Services Unscheduled task 12/18/2007
#196 Examine redefining the CodomainMapContext types and others as structs Model Unscheduled task 06/29/2006

jamoore (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#118 Hibernate session.merge() is updating non-changed entities. API Unscheduled task 05/25/2006
#975 Search.onlyType() can return different types Search Unscheduled task 05/18/2008
#237 Have Hibernate events fire Spring events General Unscheduled story 07/17/2006
#77 Unspecified behavior if two QueryParameters with same name are entered. Queries Unscheduled task 05/18/2006
#307 Hibernate improperly handles Permissions components that are null ORM Unscheduled task 08/25/2006
#982 Develop our own ActiveServant container with eviction Services GatherReqs task 05/21/2008
#2151 LDAP cleanup tasks Deployment Unscheduled task 04/08/2010
#2282 Delete bad scripts on upload/copy Scripting Unscheduled task 04/28/2010
#800 OMERO properties rework for simplification and central administration Configuration Unscheduled requirement 09/14/2007
#86 Create ITypes interface for meta-work with model. API GatherReqs story 05/22/2006
#55 Define a "selftest" command for distribution diagnostics. Deployment Unscheduled task 05/18/2006
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