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03/21/2014 11:54:17 AM (8 years ago)

Starting to fill out this ticket, since it is linked from the "upcoming features" board. Individual tasks remain to be created.


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  • Ticket #11753 – Description

    initial v2  
    1 Overarching ticket for tasks required to enable read-write group support in the client.  
     1Overarching ticket for tasks required to enable read-write group support in the client. 
     3The read-write state (`rwrw--`) is available as a server option but has been kept out of the clients due to the complexity that it adds. In order to make the flag available across the board, we will need to: 
     4 * review the client-side API methods (`canEdit()`, `canAnnotate()`, ...) for the various user types (data-owner, group-member, group-owner, admin) 
     5 * review the existing integration tests in Java & Python 
     6 * likely write new integration tests to cover `rwrw--` 
     7 * update the spreadsheet(s) that are being maintained (possibly simplifying them; possibly generating integration tests from them; possibly converting to a more maintainable format) 
     9If possible, no client/server breaking changes should be made so that the work could be backported to the 5.0 series if desired. 

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