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    initial v1  
     1After years of layering one requirement one build requirement on top of another (if not one build system on top of another), there's a substantial amount of cruft. Areas which particularly need reworking include: 
     3 * C++ build (scons, cmake, ...) 
     4 * Maven/ant build and separation 
     5 * Integration with git (src releases) 
     6 * Automatic download of artifacts (ivy) 
     7 * Size of repositories 
     8 * Support for plugins/extensions (e.g. [ omero-cmd-example]) 
     10Some of these may be achievable independently of one another, several others may need to go together. Regardless, we will need to pin down the requirements which originally led to all the many different combinations, whether or not those requirements still hold, and then start to rework or rewrite the build. 
     12A very incomplete list of design goals would include: 
     13 * no hard-coding of platform-specific hacks 
     14 * removal of all binaries from source code 
     15 * reduction of rebuilds (i.e. increase re-use of built components) 

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