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06/20/11 14:46:41 (13 years ago)

Adding phase 0 with #5640, fs-lite work, as discussed in Paris during the users' meeting. Need tickets with client modifications for #5640.


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    33A major barrier to adoption by many sites is the fact that OMERO (4.2 and earlier, as well as much of 4.3) stores binary pixel data in an optimized internal format. This ''duplication'' of the data (the original file and then the byte array under `/OMERO/Pixels`) along with possible duplicated backups of that data can overwhelm available storage. The goal of this work is to phase out the use of the internal data format in favor of ccessing binary data directly from the files via BioFormats. Data previously converted into the interior file format will remain so, if the related original files were not archived.  
     5== Phase 0 == 
     7Phase 0 is a carrier over from the big images work (#1950) in which some base work for FS ("FS-lite") was done. Initially, only single-file PFFs were supported. By adding support for multi-file PFFs, we can test the overall performance of our FS strategy and let users start archiving rather than parsing their data. 
     9 * #5640 FS lite for multi-file PFFs 
     10 * Client modifications... 
    512== Phase 1 == 

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