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    initial v4  
    11Needed for working with the group permissions system (#1434) 
     3== Plan == 
     5The chgrp functionality will work similar to the delete functionality (#2615 - phase 1 / #2911 - phase 2) in that graph specfications like "/Image" or "/Annotation" along with an option map will be used to specify the starting point of the modification as well as what should happen when certain boundary conditions are reach. For example, what happens to an annotation which is attached to a chgrp'ed object if that annotation is also attached to another object that would be chgrp'ed. 
     7Invocation is also expected to be asynchronous as with delete since calling chgrp on a larger hierarchy could take many minutes. The delete API may be refactored so that the same callback classes can be used in both cases. 
     10  * #2997 - other's users annotations are not deleted. 

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