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    initial v6  
     1How image zoom technology works? 
     3The most efficient way to provide high resolution image on the web can be achieved by making an "image pyramid" out of the source image and cut it into small tiles. Whenever the user requests a portion of the image only the needed tiles of a level are sent to the client's browser. However, since this tiles are loaded by the client's browser or can be accessed over http, they can be easily reassembled (stitched back together), thus restoring the entire original image. 
     5Instead of sending the tiles directly to the browser it could put them first together on the server side and only then send the requested portion as one picture to the client. Neither the tiles nor the original image are ever loaded by the client. Optionally could crop from the original image without making the tiles.  
    17Testing possible tiling solutions: 
    39 - launch viewer  
     10 - tiling 
    411 - rendering tails  
    512 - rendering thumbnail 
    613 - split view  
    714 - projection 
     15 - bird's-eye view feature 

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