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    • Property Summary changed from Safe Haven data storage & analysis to OMERO/HIC data storage & analysis
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    initial v2  
    2828The final step (6) for the initial phase is then to allow researchers to 
    2929submit a script for execution on the entire data set. 
     33In summary: 
     34 * we will work with an anonymised subset of the GoDARTS data as the basis for the pilot 
     35 * we will define a couple of analyses that can be demonstrated 
     36 * we will define the requirements, stories and tasks 
     37 * we will work on porting a couple of key scripts (e.g. genome imputation, date of death validation, drug exposure) 
     38 * the initial focus (i.e. for July) will be on developing basic tool(s) for data loading, querying, and export all of which are to be audited; the researchers will then use the exports as usual with their preferred tools.  
     39 * the overall focus will be on developing APIs for a key set of defined tools, (e.g. R, STATA, PLINK, VCFTOOLS) so that these can interact directly with the OMERO architecture 

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