id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,drp_resources,i_links,o_links,remaining_time,sprint 9593,DOC: ome.plateview.js,cneves,,"After adding some documentation on the javascript source file for the plateview widget (see ) I also have a minimal HTML example that should be put somewhere, I'm just not sure where: {{{ {% comment %} /** * Copyright (c) 2012 Glencoe Software, Inc. All rights reserved. * * This software is distributed under the terms described by the LICENCE file * you can find at the root of the distribution bundle, which states you are * free to use it only for non commercial purposes. * If the file is missing please request a copy by contacting * */ {% endcomment %} Plate View Test

Plate View Test

}}} ",task,new,minor,Unscheduled,Documentation,,,,web-team@…,,,,,